Two candidates to run against Sen. Murphy

Michael Williams, Jack Schiff vie for Senate District 27



FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — State Sen. Jack Murphy has at least two announced challengers in the upcoming race for Senate District 27 in Forsyth County.

Murphy, who was first elected in 2002, said he will make a formal announcement seeking to serve his fifth term next week.

Murphy will face political newcomers Michael Williams, who has been campaigning since October, and Jack Schiff, who entered the race last week.

Williams, who plans to qualify to run in the Republican primary May 20, has a background in accounting and business, and says he’s committed to supporting tough ethics legislation, reducing the size and scope of government, improving the state’s economy and ensuring local communities control their children’s education.

“I have always been motivated to work hard and get ahead, to make a living for myself and grow jobs to help others provide a living for their families,” Williams said. “But too often, government gets in the way. I’m running because I want to serve the people by making government smaller, less intrusive and more accountable.”

Schiff, who touts himself a fiscal conservative, has worked with small businesses and large multinational companies. Schiff says he has experience improving efficiency, eliminating waste, building better products and delivering high quality services. Schiff said his focus will be to reduce administrative costs and improve services for citizens of Forsyth County and the state by supporting regulations and laws that spend “our tax dollars wisely.”

“For months, people all across our county have reached out and asked me to consider running for the District 27 Senate seat,” Schiff said in an announcement. “Our family took these requests seriously and we conducted an informal poll to see if the people of Forsyth wanted or expected a change. The answer was yes.”

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