Twitter is not for everyone



I once compared Twitter to a room full of people talking at the same time at each other —not to each other.

But in reality, if you listen carefully, Twitter is a place for great conversation, gossip, breaking news and knowing how people feel at that exact moment.

If you find this kind of communication rewarding, then Twitter is most certainly for you.

But bare in mind, there are humans on the other end of most tweets, just reading what you are saying and simply listening.

It’s a virtual watercooler, a friend said recently. People are telling you about dinner, the news, a movie, an event happening in your community.

This can all be overwhelming for a business person who likes to get things done.

If you’re that person, ask that online evangelist at your job to step in.

If you’re a small business looking to grow your business, Twitter will not really be the place to do that, because you need to be a human to be read by another human.

Nobody wants to talk to a business, they want to talk to a human. This is where most businesses fail at Twitter.

We interact with humans. We know you want to talk about your business, but talk to us as humans.

Here’s a novel idea. Ask us what has our attention, and mean it.

We like that. We like being acknowledged in the room full of people. We like being thanked and we like meaningful conversations.

Engage your audience; don’t just ask them to follow you.

Ask for their opinions and incorporate them from time to time.

Write genuine conversational content that is not just about “me, me, me.”

Do something of value to your follower, and trust me, they will return the favor.

Tweet me how you communicate @forsythherald.

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