Transportation Day brings imagination to life



CUMMING, Ga. — Children often see modes of transportation high in the air, but being up close and personal with a hot air balloon and a helicopter is an entirely new experience.

Each year, the pre-kindergarten students at Pinecrest Academy, 955 Peachtree Pkwy in Cumming, learn about the different forms of transportation.

On Wednesday, Feb. 6, teachers gathered their students via bus to the school’s soccer field.

For most of these students, it was their first time on a bus. Students anxiously waited on the field where they received a lesson from Balloons Over Georgia and a close-up demonstration of a helicopter owned by North Atlanta Executive Air Service.

With the assistance of these two transportation companies, the students began to expand their ideas about the tiny things they once spotted in the sky.

Dana Oshinski, a pre-kindergarten teacher at Pinecrest Academy, coordinated Transportation Day.

“Balloons Over Georgia flies across the school most mornings and the children still saw it as a little balloon you might hold in your hand,” Oshinski said. “We really just want the children to get a hands-on experience to the things they see every day but don’t get to interact with up close.”

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