Toddler left behind at Roswell Riverside Park



ROSWELL, Ga. – A family accidentally left a 3-year-old boy behind Friday, July 13, at a Roswell park.

According to police, a group of family members and friends make the trip from Alpharetta to Riverside Park on a weekly basis, taking three carloads of adults and children. However, this week when it came time to leave, one was left behind.

“They all packed up and left and accidentally left the child at the park,” said Roswell Police Spokeswoman Lisa Holland.

The family returned about an hour later looking for the child, she said. Each adult thought the child was in another car.

An adult at the playground saw the child crying by himself and tried to find its family. After searching with no luck, the Good Samaritan called police.

The child and his two siblings were initially taken away from the family by the Division of Family Services while an investigation was conducted; however they have since been returned.

Charges will not be filed.

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