Tips to Evaluate the Mid-Year Report Card



It’s a brand new year - and a great time for parents and their children to reflect on the school year thus far, what subjects are going well and what areas might need improvement.

As you evaluate your child’s school performance this year, ask yourself these questions:

What are the warning signs?

If most of your child’s grades are fine with the exception of one very low grade, it’s logical to assume your child is having difficulty in that particular subject. Maybe he or she is having trouble understanding the material or keeping up with the class. Similarly, if you notice low grades across the board, your child may have reached a level of high frustration and low motivation - and it’s now time for you to intervene.

How do the grades compare to your child’s efforts?

If you know your student is putting in significant effort on homework but his or her grades don’t reflect it, there may be a deeper issue. It’s possible that your child has never mastered a basic skill, or that he or she doesn’t understand the material. On the other hand, if your child completes his or her work in record time - yet still receives failing grades - study skills or time management may be to blame. Talk with the teacher to try to pinpoint what might be going on.

What is your child’s attitude about the grades?

If your student seems unhappy or angry or doesn’t seem to care at all, it’s very possible that school struggles are hurting his or her self-esteem. Pay attention to drastic changes in your child’s demeanor about school. If you’re concerned, develop an action plan that includes meeting with the teacher, getting tutoring help or making more time for studying and school.

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