Tips for the job seekers



Because the people listening to Ga. Department of Labor Commissioner Mark Butler were there for job help, he gave some tips.

“What you are doing here today will help you down the road or even today,” he said.

Strong resumes and interviewing skills are required to stay above the pack when applying for jobs. A resume will get you in the door, but the first interview will keep you in the running.

“Before you go to any company, know that company. You must be confident,” he said. “You've also got to be able to see how you can make their company better.”

Ignoring technology and social media is done at your own risk.

“The world has changed right before our eyes,” he said. “LinkedIn is a valuable tool, but with Facebook, be careful. It can really hurt you. Everything is out there. Be careful what you are doing.”

A polished LinkedIn profile is a must. So is a scrubbed Facebook – employers will look at these sites when doing research into the suitability of an applicant.

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