Tip leads to arrest of 2 for prowling in Martin’s Landing, Roswell

Possibly related to entering auto



ROSWELL, Ga. – Two Roswell men were arrested after they were allegedly spotted by a Martin’s Landing resident Nov. 4 rummaging through her car.

The victim reported she saw a young man standing at her car, rummaging through her trunk at 3:30 a.m. in the Martin’s Landing neighborhood. The vehicle was parked in her driveway. She called 911 and yelled at the suspect, who ran away.

The victim’s 33-year-old son got into his car and searched the area for the suspect. He found someone matching the description, Dequan Myers-McKinney, 21, of Canyon Point Circle, Roswell, who was walking through the neighborhood. The son called 911 and stayed on the phone with them while he followed Myers-McKinney.

Police arrived and questioned him. He allegedly had on him six cellphones, various phone chargers and multiple ID cards, including Social Security cards, driver’s licenses and credit cards all belonging to different people.

According to Roswell Police Spokeswoman Lisa Holland, police suspect the items were stolen from vehicles in the neighborhood over the past month.

Myers-McKinney was arrested for loitering and prowling, however more charges may be added.

A second suspect was found in the area riding a bike. Malcolm Abdul Wilburn, 18, of Sheringham Court, Roswell, was a friend of Myers-McKinney. He was found to have a ski mask and gloves in his possession. He was charged with loitering and prowling and obstruction.

Because neither man could be conclusively connected to breaking into the victim’s car, charges of entering auto have not been filed.

Holland said calling 911 is the best option when seeing suspicious activity.

“We keep trying to promote calling 911,” Holland said. “People who live in these neighborhoods know these neighborhoods. They know their neighbors. If they see something suspicious, they should call 911. That’s what 911 is for.”

However she cautioned against following suspects.

“[The victim’s son] didn’t try to apprehend the guy,” she said. “He followed at a distance and called 911. He didn’t get involved and have a physical altercation with him.”

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