Three racing cars in Roswell, one gets away



ROSWELL, Ga. — Three men who allegedly were racing each other on Ga. 9 tried to flee from police, and one got away, according to a Roswell Police incident report.

On Nov. 22, officers saw three cars speeding and weaving in and out of traffic on Ga. 9 and Mansell Road.

Officers followed the red Honda Civic, white Nissan Altima and blue Acura as they turned right onto Ga. 92.

Officers caught up to the cars and attempted to pull them over.

Officers said the Acura sped off down Bent Grass Drive, and the Nissan made a U-turn and headed eastbound on Ga. 92. The Honda pulled over in a parking lot.

Officers ran the driver’s license of the Honda driver and found that it was suspended.

While officers interviewed this driver, they saw a man standing next to a Nissan in the nearby parking lot of Slope’s BBQ, 34 East Crossville Street. Then, the man got in his car and headed northbound down Crabapple Road.

While the officers took the Honda driver to Roswell Detention Center, other officers had been alerted and had pulled over a white Nissan.

The driver of the Nissan was identified as the one of the drivers who eluded officers earlier.

Officers said he admitted to speeding away from them, and he was also taken to Roswell Detention Center.

The driver of the Acura was never found.

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