Think About Your Lawn



Grass is an attractive and functional part of any yard, but there is much to think about. Start by selecting the right turf for your lawn. Sun exposure, water requirements, traffic patterns and appearance should all be considered. Good turf grasses for our area include Bermuda and Zoysia and, for deep shade areas, Fescue.

Think about reducing the size of your lawn. With less time for maintenance and diminishing landfill space for clippings, consider replacing part of your lawn with low-maintenance ground cover. You can also replace lawn areas with plant beds, patios and decks.

Surrounding trees and shrubs grow better when the soil over their roots is covered with mulch or ground cover rather than grass. Grass competes for nutrients and water, and lawn mowers can damage roots and trunks. Proper mowing and a regular schedule of pre-emergent weed control and fertilization are very important for a successful lawn.

Lawns consume as much as 60% of residential water use during summer months, raising your water bill and lowering our water supply reserve. Watering too rapidly or too often is the biggest waste of water. It is best to apply water infrequently but thoroughly. Water early in the morning to minimize evaporation and to prevent mildew and disease.

Lawns add beauty and value to any property; but, often homeowners have questions about the proper way to achieve great looking, healthy lawns in Georgia’s clay soil. The City of Alpharetta and the Alpharetta Natural Resources Commission, along with the North Fulton Master Gardeners, will present a free class on lawn care for homeowners on Wednesday, March 6, 2013 from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm. The class will be held at the City of Alpharetta Engineering/Public Works Department, 1790 Hembree Road, Alpharetta, Georgia 30009. Please register by calling (678) 297-6200.

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