Thief caught in the act in Forsyth County



CUMMING, Ga. — A man saw a thief rummaging through his car before he fled into the woods, according to a Forsyth County Sheriff’s incident report.

On July 24, a man in the 4000 block of Church Road told deputies he went outside of his shop and saw a man by his white 1986 Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

He said he caught the perpetrator off guard and yelled at him to stop. The thief ran and instead of chasing after him, the man called 911.

A video surveillance system caught the suspect entering a blue 1994 Ford pickup truck several times. Then, the suspect is seen entering the Monte Carlo parked beside it.

Nothing seemed to be missing from either of the cars.

The suspect was wearing what looked like denim coveralls and left behind his yellow mountain bike by the cars.

Deputies said they were able to lift a fingerprint off the outside door of the Monte Carlo.

This report appeared in the August 8 issue of the Forsyth Herald.

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