The sun's come out for Crabapple Crossing student

Third grader lands leading role in local production of Annie



MILTON, Ga.— Milton native Sarah Charles Lewis is starring as Annie in Cobb Civic Center's Jennie T. Anderson Theater production of the classic musical until April 20.

The only professional musical theater company in the area, Atlanta Lyric Theatre, cast the nine-year-old.

"She's been in other productions, but this is her second truly professional performance," her mother Jennifer Lewis said. "Her first was “It’s a Wonderful Life” at Georgia Tech’s FERST Center for the Arts."

"I just love being in such a professional show where everyone is amazing, even the dog." Sarah Lewis said.

"Everyone is very kind," she said. "And I just don't want it to end."

Lewis, a recent top eight finalist for the Broadway production of Annie, has aspirations to perform on Broadway.

"She's been singing since before she could speak," Jennifer Lewis said. "And we wanted to foster that talent as well as her natural ability to dance and act."

Lewis is a member of the Broadway Dreams Foundation and trains at the Renaissance International School of Performing Arts in Milton.

She comes by her talent naturally.

Her mother and father met while performing in a band and her 13 year-old brother recently finished his first professional acting in the production of On Golden Pond through the Cumming Playhouse.

"Sarah and Harrison are both represented by Kennedy Talent Management and the Carson-Adler Agency in New York," her mother said.

When not busy rehearsing or performing, Lewis is a regular nine year-old.

"She likes to be with friends and play with her American Girl dolls," Jennifer Lewis said.

She's also a competitive swimmer for the Alpharetta Sharks Swim Team.

"We want her to have a normal childhood and are focused on making that happen."

Jennifer Lewis said on a recent trip to New York her daughter wanted to perform on the Subway or at Central Park.

"She needed a permit but was determined to find a way to make it happen," Jennifer Lewis said. "All she wanted to do was sing in New York City, so the police at Central Park had her sing just a few feet off of the park property and she loved it."

Lewis has been auditioning in New York and her mother said things are looking good for the young actor.

"We can't talk about it yet but she has a callback for a big production and we're keeping our fingers crossed," Jennifer Lewis said.

It looks like this nine-year-old might have many more sunny days ahead of her.

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