The lights, the wreaths, the gifts – it’s Christmas



This time of year is a great time for a community newspaperman.

Just this past weekend, there were a half-dozen holiday events in the cities of North Fulton. Alpharetta had its tree lighting (and a party as well). Roswell had its town square lighting (with a party). Milton had its Tree Lighting/ Christmas in Crabapple (and party!). And Johns Creek had the Founders Day Parade ( more partay!).

All this leads me to think of one important fact – the holidays are a time for partying. Fun, food and conviviality that make up these festivals are what draws the crowds, and our local municipalities know this very well. They put on stellar shows every year for their residents. They're getting really good at it, too. They get me into the festive mood to enjoy the season.

It's the Christmas lights that get me. When I'm at home, turning off all the lights at night, getting ready for bed, only to have the glow of the tree’s light strings illuminating the room is … well, still magical for me. It's a part of what gives the holidays their charm, for me.

And I'm pretty sure I'm not alone. All the stores and offices around have their halls decked for the season. I'm pretty sure there's a “roasted chestnut” sort of fragrance in air freshener.

Pine garlands and wreaths add a certain nostalgic aroma to the air, and everywhere people seem in a more upbeat mood. Maybe it's the impending couple of days off. Maybe it's the looming end of the year (or end of the world if you are a Mayan).

Maybe it's just that they're like me, looking forward to the sights, tastes and smells of the holidays from our Christmas pasts that rekindle that little bit of youthful joy at waking up Christmas morning and seeing presents under the tree.

I know I will be spending the next couple weeks in something of a holiday haze. What is it that brings out the holidays for you? Let me know at Share with me your Christmas memories and we will print a collection of them in the newspaper.

If you have one special memory that still comes to mind when you think of Christmas, I’d love to hear it.

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