The Place of Forsyth County receives $5K mower

Terry’s Tool and Equipment donates Hustler Zeon Mower



CUMMING, Ga. — On March 12, The Place of Forsyth County, a nonprofit that helps families with emergency basic needs during difficult times, received a donation to remember.

Terry Nixon of Terry’s Tool and Equipment Rental, 1815 Dahlonega Highway in Cumming, donated a $5,000 Zeon Mower to The Place, which was formed in 1975.

Nixon and Terry’s Tool Rental representative Nathan Miles delivered the zero turn all-electric mower to The Place and trained staff to operate the machine.

“Now we finally have a lawn mower,” said Sandy Beaver, director of The Place. “How good can it get?”

Beaver said the organization has needed a high capacity mower for years, but because of budgetary limitations, The Place has always relied on donated mowers to maintain the four acres of property.

Beaver said she and The Place are grateful for this act of kindness.

“When you work at a place like this, you see the generosity of businesses that come forward to help you do your job,” Beaver said. “The volunteering is out of the goodness of their hearts.”

Hustler Turf Equipment of Hesston, Kan., authorized the donation of the mower through its Zeon Donation Program, which the family-owned company started for nationwide nonprofits last year.

As a dealer of Hustler Turf products, Nixon suggested The Place to participate in the running.

Nixon said taking part of the donation was a way to give back to the community that has made his 12-year-old business successful.

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