The North Fulton Community Improvement District looks for new 5-year plan

Seeks next project blueprint



NORTH FULTON, Ga. – The North Fulton Community Improvement District (CID) has begun work on a new master plan for the commercial districts of North Fulton, which stretches along Ga. 400 through Roswell, Alpharetta and Milton. Entitled “Blueprint North Fulton 2.0,” the master plan will outline priorities for the next decade of CID investments in North Fulton.

“We really need an update,” said Kristin Rome, project assistant with the CID. “In the last five years there have been so many economic changes. We need a new list, but we also need to figure out how to finance [the projects] in the future.”

The initial master plan was completed in 2008. “Blueprint North Fulton” identified a list of priority transportation and quality of life improvement projects for the commercial corridor. Since 2008, the blueprint has guided CID investments as the organization has addressed all of its Tier 1 priority projects, including the completion of several key transportation and landscape improvements and partnering with the city of Alpharetta to open Westside Parkway.

“The CID has had significant success in executing transportation projects, improving the quality of life and establishing four beautiful interchanges that brand our commercial district in North Fulton,” said state Sen. Brandon Beach, executive director of the North Fulton CID. “Building on this success, our new blueprint will update our plans and guide future improvements within the district.”

Developer Penn Hodge, a member of the CID, said many of the projects it has completed have added “curb appeal” to North Fulton.

“When you have beautiful landscaping, you feel like you’re in a quality area where people care about their environment, and it says something about our community,” he said.

The CID has improved the four exits off Ga. 400 in North Fulton to a degree Hodge said “sets the bar pretty high for all of our neighbors.”

The North Fulton CID operates by collecting a voluntary tax from participating members. The 3 mill charge raises money for the projects on the list, which the CID uses in conjunction with state and local authorities.

In total, the North Fulton CID has directly spent $15 million in the past five years on landscape and infrastructure projects throughout the district. Using that money, the CID has garnered $78 million in improvements.

“We will put up money to fund the engineering and design and we look to other sources for construction funding,” Rome said.

Public meetings will be held throughout the summer with businesses and the community to create a new list of projects.

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