The Milton Love Project – Hearts for Veterans: Milton loves its veterans

Love Project makes hearts for soldiers



MILTON, Ga. – A famous song once said, “All you need is love.” For residents in Milton, they take that to heart, giving love to those who need it.

The Milton Love Project sets out to help the needy in Milton. Whether they have lost a loved one or are in need of just a little TLC, the people of the project set out to help, often in the form of little wooden signs hand-painted and placed in yards. Each sign has words of encouragement.

This year for Veterans Day, Nov. 11, the Milton Love Project set out to give love to the troops.

Debbie Daviadoff headed the Hearts for Veterans Project in an effort to give thanks and recognition to veterans living in Milton. These hearts will be displayed every year on Memorial Day, July 4 and Veterans Day. In five days, they were able to construct, paint and deliver a grand total of 91 “Hearts for Veterans.”

With the help from neighboring children and friendly souls, they got it done.

“I know a few veterans, and one thing that had been mentioned to me in the past was that people always do things to honor deceased veterans, but nobody ever does anything to thank living veterans,” Daviadoff said.

The hearts were assembled with help from veteran Terry Allen, then painted with love by Natalie Fiacco, Kiera Jones, Matt and Charlie Paulus, Alyssa and Kelsey Sayre and Ashley Martin. Aidan Fitzpatrick helped deliver and install the hearts in the yards of veterans’ homes, along with several adult volunteers.

The hearts were placed on the front lawns of local veterans just in time for Veterans Day.

In response, Daviadoff said she has received heartwarming letters and calls from the veterans as well as calls of support from the community.

Now, she said the only trick is getting more veterans’ information. There are no official lists of veterans in the city, so she has to rely on word of mouth to get her request out.

“It’s going to be an ongoing project to recognize and help veterans living in the city,” Daviadoff said.

Daviadoff and the Milton Love Project will have heart painting events throughout the year to help reach their goal of doubling the total number of Hearts for Veterans by Memorial Day 2014.

For more information on Hearts for Veterans, or to order a heart, contact Daviadoff at

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