The Hope Store: Local thrift store helps abused children

Supports Murphy-Harpst Children’s Home



JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — Thrift shops are fun, trendy and a way to recycle on a grand scale. But not all thrift shops add hope to their inventory.

The Hope Store in Johns Creek is a nonprofit charitable organization with a mission to bring God’s hope to life. With that mission in mind, all the profits benefit Murphy-Harpst Children’s Home in Cedartown.

The children’s home is a therapeutic treatment center for abused children. The home helps children physically and emotionally recover so they can go on to lead happy and healthy lives.

“Murphy-Harpst Home relies on donations from the community,” said store manager Karen Borland. “They receive some state funding, but it’s not nearly enough to cover expenses.”

The Hope Store takes in donations and sells them in order to help Murphy-Harpst with those expenses. They have no outside backers or donors, so they rely purely on donations from the community.

“It’s financial – that’s what we do,” Borland said. “We sell the stuff that is donated in the store: clothes, books, art or furniture, and we write checks to the Murphy-Harpst Children’s Home.”

Borland began volunteering for the Hope Store about two years ago and ended up getting hired on as an employee. Including Borland, there are only four other paid employees. Volunteers make up the rest of the work force.

Kids from Holy Redeemer and Mount Pisgah often volunteer for the Hope Store, Borland said, to meet their service requirements for school.

“I have met so many good people and heard about other charities. It’s kind of a small circle in this community of people who do this,” Borland said. “It’s just great, and to see people happy with their purchases of things that are less than half price off of retail, that’s awesome.”

Many people bring in good quality items because they are downsizing or redecorating, and the Hope Store is a great place to bring donations, Borland said. It gives the items a new chance and a change of scenery.

“It’s like Christmas every day – I never know what is going to walk in the door,” Borland said. “It’s cool stuff, and I just enjoy working with the people here and all the customers that come in. It’s just fabulous.”

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