The Forsyth County Public Library’s website to be down with faster update

Patrons to experience rapid connections at county libraries



FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — The Forsyth County Public Library’s Internet speeds are getting faster, but for a few days, this will affect patrons who rely on the library’s website.

On Nov. 25, the county’s library system will change its Internet connection to go to 100 megabytes per second from the current 6-to-12 megabytes per second.

“This change will make a big impact for staff and especially for patrons,” said Holly Barfield, assistant director for information technology for Forsyth County Library. “The end results will be wonderful, but the road may be a bit bumpy.”

Before 10 a.m. on Nov. 25, Barfield said the current Internet connection will be physically unplugged and a new connection will be plugged in.

“Our connection to the Internet will be down for approximately 15 minutes while we make the change,” Barfield said.

After the change, staff and internal patrons should notice faster Internet speeds.

External patrons may suffer problems accessing the county library’s website.

These problems will be due to Domain Name Servers (DNS) not updating to the new address.

Domain Name Servers are the products that the Internet uses to change the IP address to

All Internet service providers use around five to eight Domain Name Servers to route traffic on the network.

These servers usually take 24 hours to update.

However, because this update time can be changed, some Domain Name Servers could have their update time set for three to five days.

“We hope that all issues will be cleared up by Monday, Dec. 2,” Barfield said.

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