The Chattahoochee River Race and Festival June 15



ROSWELL, Ga. –– The Chattahoochee River Race and Festival is scheduled to take place on June 15. The 8 mile race takes place on the river and surprisingly, most racers credit one man for their success: John Miller.

John Miller, a Roswell resident for nearly all his life, has been involved in kayaking since 2005. He says that his journey into kayaking was a spur of the moment decision.

“I remember seeing people on the Chattahoochee going up and down the river on these tiny plastic boats,” said Miller. “The next thing I know I have a garage filled with kayaks.”

The journey was a story of instant satisfaction. After Miller’s first few times in the river he decided to become more involved in the sport. He received training to become an instructor and has been on several trips with the Chattahoochee River Keepers.

Today, Miller is one of the premier local instructors in the sport. He has been a kayak instructor since 2008 and has introduced around 400 people to kayaking. Miller hosts classes on the Chattahoochee most weekends, as well as on other rives across the south east.

Miller urges all residents to attend the river race. He says that the race is more of a day for people to spend with their families instead of an actual race.

“I encourage all people to come out,” said Miller. “It is a time to spend with family and the race is a bonding event, our volunteers have worked very hard to make this event happen and there are a lot of fun events for all ages.”

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