The Alpharetta City Council fails its constituents



On Nov. 26 at the Alpharetta City Council meeting, the council voted to accept developer Tom Sharp’s rezoning request [Revue and News, Nov. 28, 2012] despite overwhelming neighborhood opposition to the re-zoning.

Jim Gilvin was the only councilmember who wasn’t deaf to his constituents, educated citizens who brought their detailed analysis and research as well as their concern over the last piece of rural Alpharetta.

How could they ignore their own planning commission’s recommendations? How could they ignore the very people who live, vote and pay taxes in their district and instead side with a developer trying to squeeze as much buck out of the three parcels as possible?

It was absolutely jaw-dropping. The cynic in me wonders how much kick-back these guys get for voting the way they did. Mike Kennedy brought the motion and was the one leading the charge to give the developer what he wanted. Jim Gilvin tried to raise friendly amendments to Kennedy’s motion but there was not another councilmember with backbone in sight.

When we moved from the east side of Ga. 400 six years ago, my husband was pushing for a Milton address. I wish I had listened. I am so disappointed in the leadership of the city of Alpharetta.



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