The Aging Process



There are two chronic processes that contribute to aging, Sarcopenia and Oxidative stress. Sarcopenia refers to loss of muscle tissue and strength that goes along with aging. By 60 you may have lost up to forty percent of your muscle mass. There are multiple reasons but a core cause is due to the decrease in production of natural hormones (eg. testosterone).

Oxidative stress occurs with the breakdown of oxygen. The oxygen our bodies utilize for fuel consists of two oxygen atoms, sharing a single electron. When these two atoms split, one of the oxygen atoms gets sole custody of the previously shared electron. The oxygen atom without the electron is unstable and called an oxygen free radical. This free radical has a strong attractive force for pulling a replacement electron from surrounding body tissues. When tissues give up an electron to the free radical they suffer oxidation damage. Research has revealed that oxidative damage accumulates with age.

Current medical reasoning supports the importance of preventing oxidative damage and the crucial role played by natural antioxidant compounds such as fruits, vegetables, red wine and Acai-berry. Acai-berry also contains omega-3-fatty acids, calcium, iron, vitamins A,B,E and it has a high fiber content making it an excellent anti-aging supplement.

The appropriate testosterone level, a good diet, and exercise enables one to avoid developing Sarcopenia and Oxidative stress and it’s consequent inflammation.


Dr. Snyder is a Board certified Cardiothoracic surgeon and Certified in Age Management Medicine. He Co-founded AgeWell Men’s Institute to help men better manage aging with bio-identical hormone replacement and diet. See their ad for more information or visit their website at

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