Teens caught stealing alcohol in Alpharetta



ALPHARETTA, Ga. – Two teenagers were charged with burglary Aug. 28 after they were allegedly caught stealing $100 of alcohol from a liquor store.

Police were called to Red’s Beer and Wine on Ga. 9 about 10:30 p.m. after the security alarm went off.

The drive-thru window was broken and three bottles of liquor were taken. Security footage showed two young men walk up to the drive-thru window and try to force it open. Only one was masked.

The unmasked accomplice, a juvenile, acted as a lookout for the masked one, who grabbed a rock and smashed the window. He grabbed several bottles of alcohol and the pair fled the scene.

A search of the nearby area turned up a green Camaro with a handwritten tag. Looking inside, police found one of the young men, the juvenile, who matched the description of one of the burglars.

The juvenile allegedly admitted to being at the store and acting as a lookout while his friend stole the alcohol.

In the car were three bottles of liquor inside a backpack that matched the description of the stolen merchandise.

The other young man, Antonio Hughes, 19, was found at his residence on nearby Kilmington Square. Police found him walking in the parking lot and, when he saw them, he allegedly tried to run. He was quickly caught.

Hughes was charged with burglary, underage consumption, wearing a mask during a crime, obstruction, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and criminal conspiracy.

The juvenile was charged with burglary, underage consumption and criminal conspiracy.

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