Teen party broken up by Milton police



MILTON, Ga. – Police broke up a teen party Dec. 13 that included nearly a dozen 14- and 15-year-olds who were allegedly drinking alcohol. The boy who held the party, Reagan Beene, was found dead the following day.

According to Milton Police, they received a call of a party on South Heron Run Court, in the Crooked Creek neighborhood. The caller said teens were drinking and smoking marijuana in the front yard.

When the responding officer arrived, he wrote in his report that there was no evidence of a party. As he was walking back to his car to leave, he overheard a teen talking on her cellphone. Approaching her, he said he saw a can of beer on the ground beside her. She allegedly admitted others were inside the home, drinking.

The officer reported seeing several teens closing blinds and windows in an attempt to avoid the police, even going so far as to jump out a bedroom window and flee across the nearby golf course.

Ten teens were found in the house, along with “numerous empty cans of beer.”

Milton Police Spokesman Capt. Shawn McCarty said officers have discretion of how they handle incidents like this.

“It depends on the situation,” McCarty said, adding that in this case, “all the children were 14 and 15 so the officer felt the most appropriate course was to write a ticket and release them to their parents.”

The Milton rumor mill took over after the bust, with teens saying kids were kept in “paddy wagons” or arrested. McCarty said that was not true.

“We don’t own any paddy wagons,” he said.

Nine of the kids were kept in the house until they could be turned over to their parents. Beene was turned over to his older sister. All teens were cited for underage consumption.

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