Surveys offer county perspective



FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — The Sharon Springs Alliance conducted a survey with the intention of capturing resident’s opinions on the current state of affairs in Forsyth County – the good, the bad and thoughts on the county’s future.

Results are now posted on the Sharon Springs Alliance Website:

This online survey came on the heels of a similar effort made by Forsyth County government in garnering public input for rebranding.

“We observed that the county’s branding survey didn’t offer citizens a chance to give their entire perspective and we sought to give people that opportunity,” said Stephen Newman, co-founder of the Sharon Springs Alliance. “We were hoping to get 500 responses in the twelve days the survey was open. We ended up with more than 1,000.”

Eight hundred and fifty eight responses were received by Forsyth County brief survey, which was conducted as part of a branding effort. Respondents identified Lake Lanier as the county’s “most valuable asset.”

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