Suicide attempt lands four in hospital

Chemical fumes overcome mother, child, 2 officers



ROSWELL, Ga. - Four people were taken to hospital on the afternoon of July 12 after hazardous fumes sickened them.

911 received a call from a resident of the Ashley Forest apartments in Roswell about 2:30 p.m. The caller hung up before speaking to dispatch. They called again a short while alter, and whispered into the receiver. Dispatch sent a pair of police officers to the apartment to investigate.

“It led them to the conclusion she was having medical problems,” said Roswell Police spokeswoman Lisa Holland.

Police arrived at the apartment and, after receiving no answer from knocking on the door, burst in. They were hit by noxious fumes that filled the apartment, Holland said.

Not knowing what the fumes came from, the officers evacuated the building and then entered the suspect apartment. Inside they found a woman in her bathtub which was filled with household cleaners, in what was an apparent suicide attempt. The woman's 12-year-old daughter was also in the home, but was hiding in her room.

Both mother and daughter were taken to hospital and treated for the fumes, as were the two responding officers. The girl and officers were examined and released. The mother was held for more treatment.

Alpharetta's hazardous materials team responded and cleaned up the apartment.

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