Student launches acts of kindness campaign

To run concurrent with ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ week Feb. 10-16



CUMMING, Ga. — Londyn Lomax is a second grader at Daves Creek Elementary School who started a project to help create awareness in the community, solve problems and encourage fellow classmates to do good.

As part of his Ultimate Black Belt Test, a 12-month process of achieving goals and overcoming obstacles, Londyn was asked to do a community project.

Londyn launched a “Random Act of Kindness Campaign” at his school that will take place during National Random Act of Kindness Week (Feb. 10 through Feb.16).

“This [campaign] gives everybody a chance to do something nice for someone else,” Londyn said.

Londyn is challenging all second grade classes to compete to see which class can perform the most random acts of kindness in a one week period.

The winning class will get a pizza party, Londyn said.

So far, three classes have agreed to participate.

Londyn and his mom Tonika Lomax designed the cards and plan to give the teachers a bunch of these to hand out to students if the teacher spots them doing nice things for other people.

The students may not ask a teacher for a card and only unique acts per class will earn points. Also, the acts of kindness don’t require the use of money.

“The students have to write down what they did on the back of each card and place them in a box to be counted,” Tonika said. “To encourage acts of kindness while away from school, students may also bring notes signed by adults stating what act was performed. At the end of the week, my son will tally up all cards and notes to determine the winner.”

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