Stolen phone leads cops to suspect in Johns Creek



JOHNS CREEK, Ga. – Police were able to find a missing phone Dec. 31, 2013, by tracking it to its new owner.

The victim told police she was out at a club Dec. 29 when someone stole her wallet and cellphone. Using an app, she tracked the phone to a block of apartments on Bay Tree Lane in Johns Creek. The victim was also able to provide police with a photo of the man in possession of her phone, since the app also took photos of whoever tried to unlock the phone using an incorrect passcode.

Police began a search of the area. When police knocked on the door of one of the apartments, they found Mejah Galie Okran, 47, of State Bridge Road, who matched the man in the photographs. Okran allegedly told police he bought the phone from a homeless man in Atlanta Dec. 30.

Okran was arrested for theft by receiving stolen goods.

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