Stockbridge predator caught after nationwide manhunt

Sex offender wanted in Minnesota, Alpharetta



ALPHARETTA, Ga. – A Stockbridge man was arrested Dec. 19 and charged with molesting a young girl.

According to police, Elmer Moffitt, 47, of Stockbridge, was a childhood friend of the victim’s mother. Originally from Illinois, Moffitt came to Georgia and stayed with the family in Alpharetta while he worked doing home repairs and remodeling in 2011. He moved out last year.

This year, at Thanksgiving, the victim told her mother about the alleged molestation, which occurred several times.

The police were alerted of the allegations and began their investigation.

“The easiest thing was they knew his name,” said George Gordon, spokesman for the Alpharetta Department of Public Safety. “A search turned up his photo on the Minnesota sheriff’s website.”

The online photo search revealed Moffitt was wanted out of Minnesota for failing to register as a sex offender.

The victim’s mother said she did not know Moffitt was a sex offender.

No one knew where Moffitt was living, so Alpharetta police contacted the U.S. Marshal’s office for help. He was found in McDonough, Ga., Gordon said.

“He has a nationwide felony arrest against him. He failed to register there as sex offender,” Gordon said.

Moffitt was arrested and charged with three counts of child molestation and being a fugitive of justice.

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