Staying fit while running a small business



As a small business owner that works long hours each day, are you carving out some time to keep in shape?

Do you allocate time in your busy schedule to work out and get some physical fitness?

Staying physically fit will help you stay mentally fit, and enable you to do a better job in running your business.

So how do you schedule time to do this?

Step one; put it on your calendar. Just like business meetings or internal meetings with your employees, scheduling time on your calendar to get some exercise is a must.

Step two; don’t erase the workout event on your calendar. Yes, things will come up that will tempt you to do so, but make your workouts as important as closing a new sale.

You can combine business with fitness.

Instead of sitting around a table talking about your business plans, take a walk (or run) with your team and discuss business while you’re walking, not sitting! Scheduling a morning workout is much more realistic than during the day or after work.

Most small business owners will tell you if they don’t work out in the morning, it won’t get done.

If you’re traveling, that’s no excuse either.

Most hotels have workout facilities and all you need to do is schedule a wake-up call.

Staying fit while running a small business will improve your energy level and mental aptitude, which will in turn help you more successfully run your small business.

This Article was published in the Aug. 7 issue of all Appen Media weeklies.

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