State pride could be so — shattered after this



If you’ve ever used Google’s autocomplete tool when making a search, you’ve found some intuitive things, funny and ridiculous searches.

This is how it works: “As you type, Google's algorithm predicts and displays search queries based on other users' search activities and the contents of web pages indexed by Google,” the autocomplete support section explains.

A Tumblr blogger at has taken this and expanded it to U.S. stereotypes. The creator, Renee DiResta, typed “why is (state name) so ...” and let Google’s autocomplete do the rest.

For Georgia, the results are, “Why is Georgia so ‘hot,’ ‘boring,’ ‘racist,’ and ‘humid.’”

This is obviously not an exact science, but it’s certainly what the rest of the country is thinking about our state.

But let's not feel bad, “boring” is the most common search term. Eighteen states got the “so boring” auto fill search.

There was no search available to break it down to the city of Cumming or Forsyth County level, but if you begin to write Forsyth County, the terms, “news,” “schools,” and “library” top the list. This means that’s what Forsythians are looking for most often when they search.

For Cumming, Ga. — “weather,” “zip code” and “aquatic center” top the list.

These results are somewhat accurate because they are highlighting what locals care about.

Here are some that I liked from DiResta’s blog post and map. When you hover over Florida, you get terms like, “weird,” “humid,” “trashy” and “hot.” For Alabama, terms are “racist,” “good at football” and “obese.” While Tennessee gets “humid,” “fat” and “stupid.”

DeResta says on her post that some of the data gathered in this experiment were factual queries like, “Why is Iowa so important in the presidential election?” or “Why is Delaware so business friendly?” Other noticeable searches included cost of living, like “cheap,” and “expensive.” And in Alabama and Oklahoma’s case, “obese.” Colorado and Vermont have reputations for being so “healthy.”

The databases are built by users' search queries, so don’t take it personal, it’s just that some people are just so…ignorant.

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