Spin-a-Thon continues to reach its goal

Raised nearly $15K for North Fulton community programs



ALPHARETTA, Ga. — The Spin-a-Thon was back this year, raising nearly $15,000 that will go to help local charities and afterschool programs for children of working parents in need of assistance.

This marked the ninth year the community got together at the Ed Isakson/Alpharetta Family YMCA to pedal away and raise funds for the Partners with Youth program.

At the end of the Spin-a-Thon, Bill Hamilton, one of the event organizers, said the efforts raised nearly $15,000 — the same as last year.

“We think we may even exceed our goal,” Hamilton said.

In addition to the Spin-a-Thon, the Alpharetta YMCA also holds bake sales and wheelchair basketball fundraisers.

“We are a part of the fundraising group,” Hamilton said. “We contribute to the pool of funds that is disbursed through the North Fulton Community Charities and afterschool care for children whose parents work.”

Hamilton said because of the prevalent unemployment rate in the last few years, the YMCA has been giving out scholarships for those who are in transition.

The money raised helps North Fulton-area residents afford summer camps, afterschool activities and membership to the YMCA.

“Rather than being displaced and having no place, the Y provides a place for those in transition,” Hamilton said.

Notable this year, there were 50 riders, which is more than last year, and about 14 teams.

Two water bicycle teams raised nearly $1,000. The water bikes are for those in physical therapy or for those who are unable to ride a stationary bike due to disabilities.

This year’s sponsors included Appen Newspapers, St. Aiden’s, Hilton Head Island Resorts, Roswell Bicycles and In Shape MD.

Hamilton said he’s already pumped for next year, when the Spin-a-Thon celebrates its 10th year.

“I’m always optimistic in getting people cycling for a good cause,” Hamilton said. “We are dependable. We’ve been a longstanding fundraiser for the Y.”

To make a contribution at any time, visit www.GiveYMCA.org (Partners with Youth Campaign).

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