Special Olympics steps up to bat



CUMMING, Ga. — It’s time to step up to bat once again.

Forsyth County is hosting the third annual “Battle of the Bats” fundraiser on Aug. 27 at Central Park in an effort to raise funds for Special Olympics.

New sponsors have stepped up to help pay for games, uniforms and equipment for all sports, Special Olympics organizers said.

Not only is this event for students, but also adults who will get a chance to show off their skills at the park.

Each year, the event grows as teams, athletes, sponsors and parents donate their time and money to make the program stronger.

More than 250 athletes, volunteers, family and friends from all over the state will meet up at Central Park for a day of fun, food and winning smiles.

The first game starts at 8 a.m. in the daylong event.

For more information or to donate, contact Linda Fitzgerald at LindaFSO@yahoo.com.

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