Special Olympics athlete busy after competing in Greece

Daniel Hester, of Cumming, brings home four medals



CUMMING, Ga. — Daniel Hester is back from Athens, Greece. His suitcase was four Special Olympics World Summer Games medals heavier.

But being back in Cumming doesn’t mean the competing is over. He’s being stretched in all directions by lots of attention, his mother, Anita Hester, told the Forsyth Herald recently.

From radio interviews to assisting fundraising events for the Georgia Special Olympics, Daniel Hester is a busy athlete. His schedule is pretty much booked day and night by those wanting to meet the powerlifter, who earned three bronze medals and a silver medal.

Competing was thrilling for Hester, his mother said, especially the squat lift of 385.7 pounds and bench press for 225.7 pounds, where Hester took bronze.

For the deadlift, Hester lifted 451.7 pounds, for a second-place finish and a silver medal. Yet, it is not just about winning, because he is a winner in the hearts of everyone who knows him and cheered him onward from the start.

Though he recalls Greece and the competition as being amazing, he could not stop thinking about home.

Surprisingly, he lost 19 pounds during the trip.

Apparently, Greek food did not win his appetite.

Hester and his family are ever thankful for the tremendous community support and especially for his coach Mark Keesee.

Hester could not have gotten this far without Keesee’s involvement in getting him into the Special Olympics.

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