SoundLab Music Studios gives musicians a place to rock out in Alpharetta



ALPHARETTA, Ga. — No more garages, basements or noise complaints for bands just trying to practice now that SoundLab’s around. SoundLab Music Studios, 2190 Brandon Trail in Alpharetta, provides 24-hour rehearsal space for bands and musicians in the Atlanta area.

Bob Stewart, the owner of SoundLab and a musician himself, noticed the absence of a professional rehearsal studio north of Atlanta, and took the initiative.

“You’re in people’s basements, you’re carrying your gear in and out; it’s a very uncomfortable situation.” said Stewart, who went on to describe the different units in the studio.

The building has a multitude of units that can be rented out by bands for rehearsal, from rooms for hourly rehearsals to spaces rented monthly with 24-hour access. Additionally, there is a larger showcase room where bands can set up in preparation for a stage performance. All rehearsal spaces at SoundLab are sound treated.

SoundLab also has a recording studio in the building operated by Octagon Studios.

The studio has hosted rehearsals for several professional bands, including Atlanta natives Cartel, Spanish metal band Ángeles del Infierno and Richard Smith of the Celebrity All-Star Band.

“It’s a great room for us, real convenient. We can back the trailer up through the big bay door and unload everything,” said Smith, referring to the setup in which he and his band were rehearsing that day.

SoundLab will be holding an open house Jan. 26 at 4 p.m. for musicians to come and check out the space and listen in on other bands’ jams. Their website is

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