Solicitor-General: Prescription abuse on rise

Donna Gopaul speaks with veterans about DUI’s and Drugs



CUMMING, Ga.–– As Forsyth County’s chief prosecutor of misdemeanors, Solicitor-General Donna Gopaul told members of the Cumming Vietnam Veterans Organization at the group’s recent meeting that her office is seeing a rise in cases of DUI arrests involving prescription drugs.

In order to combat drug-related DUI’s as well as alcohol related cases, many defendants are deferred to one of the accountability courts now in operation in Forsyth County, a DUI court and the second, a drug court.

Gopaul said that many offenders need help and treatment is a good alternative to jail.

“These courts deal with multiple offenders who are in need of treatment and do not have the financial means to get private treatment,” said Gopaul “I am of the opinion that treatment is always a better option than incarceration.”

Gopaul was appointed County Solicitor-General by Governor Deal to fill the unexpired term of Leslie Abernathy Maddox, now a State Court Judge in Forsyth County.

Prior to her appointment as the top State Court prosecutor in the county, Gopaul served as Assistant Solicitor-General.

She is expected to seek election to the office in 2014.

The Cumming Chapter of the Vietnam Veterans of America meets the first Monday of each month at the Golden Corral Restaurant, 2025 Market Place Boulevard in Cumming at 6 p.m. followed by the meeting at 7 p.m. All Vietnam Era veterans and their spouses are welcome.

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