Solar company sees boost with White House announcement



ALPHARETTA, Ga. — Solar energy is making a return to the White House.

A shiny new solar panel installation was completed last week (the Administration will not say exactly how many panels were installed, citing security concerns).

Solar power has been gaining popularity in Georgia, too.

"The completed White House solar install shows the world that American solar technologies are available, reliable and ready for installation in homes across the country," said Michael Chance, company spokesman for Solar Energy USA, a local solar design and installation firm based out of Alpharetta. "Our office is experiencing an unprecedented level of interest in solar power thanks to ever-decreasing costs and improving technological advancements."

And while this White House solar installation is certainly exciting to the ever-increasing audience of solar energy enthusiasts, some will be surprised to learn that it is not the first time a renewable energy technology was added at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

In June of 1979, there were 32 solar hot water panels installed on the White House by President Jimmy Carter.

The solar thermal installation was a symbolic gesture of an American commitment to renewable energy and reducing dependence on foreign oil.

Solar would again be incorporated onto the White House in 2002 under the George W. Bush administration when 167 panels were added on a White House maintenance building.

The Presidential solar power installation comes just in time for summer, as high temperatures will have many Americans, including the tenants of the White House, seeing their highest power bills of the year.

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