Smoke in south Forsyth smells like campfire



FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — South Forsyth smells like a campfire.

Smoke from a mulch company fire that started Sept. 24, continued to impress the distinct stench of a campfire Oct. 5.

Motorists' on Ga. 400 said it, nearby residents and workers along the industrious Shiloh Road have said it and social media users have pointed it out, too.

But other than the distinct smell of smother at Cowarts Mulch, 4971 Shiloh Road in Cumming, Forsyth County Fire officials told the Forsyth Herald it’s rather harmless.

“It’s likely to continue to [smolder] for several days yet,” said Jason Shivers, division chief. “I would like to stress that we have not been needed on the scene since [Sept. 26].”

The fire is completely contained and in the hands of the property owner, Shivers said.

It's not the mulch that is burning, Shivers said. It's the mulch raw products such as the stumps and logs and limbs that produce the mulch.

Some in the area just want the smoke to cease.

“I was at the YMCA off of Post Road Monday [Oct.1] night and the whole gym smelled like a giant campfire,” said Shawn Daugherty, who works near the mulch company.

Even a recent heavy rainstorm didn’t seem to do anything to the smoke, some said it made it stronger.

Investigators are still trying to determine what started the blaze, but a spontaneous combustion in one or more of the mulch piles is likely and common.

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