Shots fired in bad drug deal



ROSWELL, Ga. – A police officer on patrol Aug. 2 was put on alert when he heard gunshots fired nearby.

According to police, the officer was near the intersection of Mansell Road and Crossville Road when they heard about five shots nearby. Shortly after, a white sedan drove quickly by, running a red light and speeding. Police pulled over the car and found four people inside, as well as an HK MP5 submachine gun on the floorboard.

The men said they had been robbed at a BP in Alpharetta, allegedly after a drug deal, and were being chased by their assailants. The officer did not see another vehicle.

One of the men allegedly admitted to firing the gun out the car window at the robbers.

Jordin Alan Lee Ward, 20, of Kennesaw, was arrested for riotous conduct and firing a weapon.


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