Shoplifter in Roswell stole groceries, magazines



ALPHARETTA, Ga. – A Roswell woman is suspected of stealing more than $350 of groceries and magazines Sept. 20 from a local grocery store.

Store employees said they saw the suspect selecting items throughout the Publix store on Haynes Bridge Road and put the items in her shopping cart. Employees lost sight of the woman and, when they found her again, her items were bagged in her cart and she left the store. She was followed to her car. However, because they could not be sure she stole the items, employees did not confront her. A check of surveillance footage and register receipts showed she did steal the items, which included $100 in magazines, eight boxes of cereal and several fruits.

The car was registered to a Roswell address, however the residents would not say if they had been to the Publix.

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