Sharing fatherly advice Former NFL head coach inspires dads at Fellowship Christian



ROSWELL, Ga. – As a former NFL assistant and head coach, Tony Dungy understands the hard work and long hours fathers have to put in to provide for their families. But the famous coach, best-selling author and TV commentator knows a father’s most important job is being there for his children.

“I know what it’s like to have a time-consuming job and to feel pressures,” Dungy told a group of more than 950 fathers during a Fellowship Christian School Dads on Campus (DOCS) event held in the sanctuary of Fellowship Bible Church. “But your job is not the most important thing in your life.”

Dungy, who began the All-Pro Dad organization following his retirement from the NFL in 2008, encouraged the group of fathers from FCS, Fellowship Bible Church and the Roswell community to focus on their children. He also spoke to groups of high school and middle school students in separate events.

“You need to spend time with them, build strong relationships and be involved in their lives,” Dungy told the group of fathers. “I commend you all for being here today and being involved in your kids’ lives. That is so important. You all need to be strong Christian men and examples to your children.”

“We are so blessed to have Tony speak to us today,” FCS Athletic Director Bryan Lindner said. “His message was inspiring. Tony is such a gifted speaker, who is passionate about his faith in God and Jesus Christ and fatherhood.”

In this modern age, Dungy shared that men can get pulled in so many different directions and get involved in so many activities that they don’t invest enough time and energy into helping their sons and daughters build a strong foundation in the lives with God.

“You truly can make a difference in your schools, neighborhoods and communities,” he said. “That’s what life is really all about. We all work and we all have pressures, but being a good Christian husband and father is so important.”


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