Share the Road goes for drivers, cyclists



Share the road signs are strategically located throughout the city. We are asked to share the road when there is no space available for cyclists such as on Riverside Drive, Dogwood Road and Grimes Bridge Road. There are lots of designated bicycle paths. Why not use them? Cyclists often hold up traffic by riding two or three abreast.

Cyclists dressed in their uniforms capped by Mercury Signature logos are supposed to obey the laws. I live in an area where there are numerous stop signs. I have yet to see a bicycle rider stop. I have also yet to see a bicycle rider ticketed for ignoring a red light or not stopping at a stop sign.

Why must bicycle riders arrogantly ride on streets where there is no space marked for bicycle riders? Tap horn to warn the rider and often you are loudly cursed or shot the bird. Great role models for our children! I have grandchildren with learner’s permits. They are scared of these riders, and these riders should be scared of them.

I am willing to share the road, but I would like to see the bicycle riders do the same.

Don Sharp


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