Senior Center renovations begin in Milton



MILTON, Ga. — Three years ago, the city bought the 1800s-built Hopewell House with plans to one day turn it into a senior center.

At their June 16 meeting, Milton’s City Council voted to approve a construction contract with Newnan-based Headley Construction to renovate Hopewell House.

Fulton County provides operation money for the temporary senior center located at Community of Christ Church on Francis Road, but the city wanted a permanent location for the center.

“Right now, we don’t have a permanent facility for the seniors in our community,” said Kathleen Field, Milton’s community development director. “Since the city wanted to keep the historic home, making it a senior center was the perfect fit.”

Field said renovations are set to start later this month, and the center will likely be ready to open around the end of the year.

“I’d love to see it open for the holiday season, but that would be tight,” she said.

Field said renovations would make the building accessible to disabled and include 17 added parking spaces.

“We’ll use it as a senior center during the week and be able to rent it on the evenings and weekends,” she said. “It’s a great opportunity to keep an important part of the history of our city alive, and share it with the community, too.”

Also at the City Council meeting, council revised the northwest corridor overlay district zoning requirements.

The revision requires new developments to create a rural view shed with the first 40 feet consisting of undisturbed buffer and an additional 20 feet without building.

“This 60-foot buffer will improve views for residents and people driving around the area,” Field said. “We won’t see the backs of houses and such anymore, but instead will see a natural buffer and greenspace.”

Field said the city also approved a use permit for artist studios.

“We have a sculptor and a few other artists in the city, but we can’t give them a business license because we didn’t have a use permit for them,” she said.

Field said more artists may want to set up shop in Milton.

“We want to encourage more artists to be a part of our community and feel they’ll be well received by our residents,” Field said.

The council approved a motion to withdraw a request to rezone Birmingham Highway (West Side) with 13 single-family residences on 19.5 acres. It also:

Approved 6-0 a reduction of setback from 100 feet to 50 feet for 305 Crooked Stick Drive.

Approved 6-0 to reduce the front setback from 30 feet to 28 feet and three inches for 16720 Quayside Drive.

Approved 6-0 with modifications to zoning conditions for 22.3 acres zoned MIX and AG-1 located at the southeast corner of Birmingham Highway and Birmingham Road.


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