Send my kid to school where?



What’s all this hubbub I’m hearing about the Fulton County School Board planning to send kids who live in Roswell to a school in Alpharetta? And, I hear they’re also gonna be sending kids who live in the Alpharetta area to school in Roswell?

Who came up with that bright idea anyway? Never mind. Let me guess.

I can assure you right now, no kid wants to go to school in a different city from where they live, especially middle school or high school. And their parents don’t want to have to deal with how to get’ em there and back either. And they shouldn’t have to.

Have you ever heard of school rivalries? Schools do have rivalries, you know. They compete with each other in sports and academics. And, more important than that, they compete for boyfriends and girlfriends. And it can get downright ugly at times too. And no kid wants to have to sit on the opposite side of the field when they don’t have to. It’s no fun a’tall.

I still remember back when I was in school (believe it or not). We had a few kids in our neighborhood who went to schools in another town. And, believe me, they paid a big price for it too. They were considered outsiders by the rest of us. Kids can be cruel, you know.

The fact is, there is a whole lot more to going to school than just the formal education part. There’s the social aspect. Sports, clubs, events, parties, plays … all kinds of things.

A school is the center of the universe for lots of kids. It’s where they learn how to belong. They establish pecking orders. It’s part of their hometown. It has a major impact on their overall development. And, to me, that is very important.

No sir. Being sent to another school outside your own hometown is a bum deal, period. It costs you in ways you don’t realize at the time.

And, as far as economics, it’s a waste of time and money, not only for the kids who get sent there and their families, but also for the cities and municipalities that are forced to participate in it.

I think the school board should recognize this fact. But then… it’s just another example of the arrogance of the Fulton County government.

At least, that’s the way I see it.

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