Sen. Brandon Beach to chair roads and bridges subcommittee



ATLANTA – Sen. Brandon Beach (R-Alpharetta) has been named chairman of the Senate Transportation Subcommittee on Roads and Bridges.

“I look forward to working with members of the Transportation Committee to ensure our roads and bridges are safe and sustained for future generations to come,” said Beach. “As our state’s economy continues to grow, our infrastructure must also grow, through the construction of new highways and bridges and expanding the roads we currently have throughout the state.”

Beach also serves as the secretary to the Transportation Committee, which is responsible for legislation relating to highway safety, regulation of intrastate common carriers, including railroads, buses, trucks, vessels, pipelines and civil aviation.

Inland waterways and any other means of transportation are also included.

According to the Georgia Department of Transportation, the state’s aging highways and bridges are carrying more vehicles than ever and are becoming more expensive to maintain.

More than $500 million is needed for basic bridge maintenance over the next decade and $1.5 billion for routine road repairs over just the next five years.

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