Selling your home during the holidays



Should you put your home on the market over the holidays? Some sellers don’t have a choice, as relocating because of a job will dictate your timeframe and requirements. But there is an argument to be made both ways.

Some will say there are fewer homes on the market so there’s less competition. Interest rates tend to dip lower toward the end of the year and the buyers out searching during the holiday season are more serious buyers. Especially relocation buyers.

On the flip side, sellers might be thought of as desperate if they’re on the market during this time, so buyers may make more aggressive offers. It may be difficult to have showings if family will be visiting over the holiday season as well.

Personally I think the answer will be different for each home seller. Looking at the type of home you have and current competition may be a better deciding factor of jumping in the market or waiting until spring.

For example, in June of this year in North Fulton there were 67 homes on the market priced from $400,000 to $450,000. In December of last year there were 53 in the same price range, not a significant reduction in numbers. But, there were 206 sales in December for that price range.

People buy and homes sell over the holiday season. Evaluate the specific competition you’ll have and try to decide what the inconvenience factor is for you. Then you’ll have your answer.

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