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BookLogix helps authors find their voice



ALPHARETTA, Ga. — It’s an exciting time for authors to be published.

With Amazon and Barnes and Noble sites opening the marketplace for self-published authors, and with the explosion of e-book sales, the opportunities are endless. In less than 48 hours, a person can write a manuscript and have it published.

“Traditional publishing used to be that you wrote a manuscript and if a publisher thought your manuscript was marketable, they would give you a signing bonus and royalty,” said Ahmad Meradji, co-owner and founder of BookLogix in Alpharetta. “The people who technically wrote were people who thought their book was publishable.

“With new technology and the concept of self-publishing, almost anyone can write,” he said.

But there are positives and negatives to this for the book industry.

On one hand, an author can publish and publicize their work, but a lot of “garbage gets published,” littered with misspellings, inaccuracies and errors.

“In some ways, it does a disservice to those who are good,” Meradji said. “Where we are going, we are helping both of them. If it’s not good, we help them make it better.”

Since 2009, BookLogix has helped about 600 authors locally and globally publish their titles.

Meradji and his business partner Akash Mangru first got into book making with Apex Book Manufacturing in 2007. In 2009, BookLogix, 1264 Old Alpharetta Road in Alpharetta, was created to fill an all-encompassing need in the self-publishing community.

“In BookLogix, we do everything, editorial, cover design and book registration,” Meradji said. “We do author coaching, review the manuscript and make sure that it’s marketable.”

Meradji, a former Xerox executive, said his company’s goal is to create integrity in the self-publishing community.

Offering free seminars for authors, free consultation and education is what sets his publishing company apart, said Meradji.

“Although we are helping the authors, we are helping ourselves as a business model. We have to give more value than just publishing a book,” Meradji said. “The value ought to be the author’s success, and most self-publishing companies don’t do that because they offer just the service.”

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