Second Oreos and Opportunities at Independence HS



NORTH FULTON, Ga. – The administration, faculty and staff of Independence High School will host the second annual “Oreos and Opportunities” on Sept. 17. The event is a community-wide open house designed to introduce the school and its programs to potential students, their families and members of the North Fulton community.

Independence High School was established in 1991 as a public school of choice to offer high school students an alternative to the traditional educational setting. Attending Independence are both credit-accelerated students working to expedite their graduation and credit-deficient students striving to get their graduation plans back on track. With smaller class sizes, 80-minute periods and the mini-mester format, students have the opportunity to earn eight credits per school year as opposed to earning six credits in a traditional school setting.

Independence High School is located at the Milton Center, 86 School Drive in downtown Alpharetta.

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