Scientific Games expands instant game operations

Technology to create 40 new jobs



ALPHARETTA, Ga. — Instant lottery game maker Scientific Games is adding the latest in advanced technology to scratch tickets.

Called “Alpha P-7,” the advanced manufacturing technology for instant lottery games was introduced at the Scientific Games’ Global Lottery Center of Excellence in South Forsyth on Feb. 24.

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal and Debbie Alford, president and chief executive officer of the Georgia Lottery Corporation, participated in a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Alpha P-7 along with David Kennedy, president and CEO of Scientific Games, and Jim Kennedy (no relation to David), executive vice president and chief executive of Scientific Games Lottery Group.

The newest component of the Scientific Games overall global manufacturing technology, Alpha P-7 offers flexibility in game design elements such as security, color, images and ticket sizes.

“This paper holds unique patterns of prizes, play action, security applied by image-controlled ink jets, orchestrating billions of dots that link what’s on the front of this ticket to the unique barcode technology on the back of the ticket,” said Jim Kennedy. “After 30 years of watching this process, I still am amazed every time I walk through it.”

The additional manufacturing volume will add about 40 new jobs.

“Job creation has been achieved by this partner,” said Deal. “We are now in the 21st year of the lottery program and it’s pointed out by the statistics as one of the most successful in the entire country, and maybe even the entire world.”

Alpha P-7 is designed to manufacture instant games at 1,000 feet per minute, or about 53,000 secured lottery tickets per minute.

Since creating the world’s very first secure instant scratch lottery game in Massachusetts in 1974, Scientific Games has produced technology, game content and customized program solutions for lotteries and regulated gaming organizations around the world.

“This little instant ticket produces about $76 billion on a global basis in terms of sales and generates money for good causes,” Jim Kennedy said. “It’s so simple, it’s so easy and it’s fun.”

Currently, Scientific Games designs and manufactures more than 3,500 instant lottery games annually at five technology facilities throughout the globe, including Atlanta, Montreal, Santiago, Beijing and Leeds, England. The company provides technology, products or services in over 120 lottery jurisdictions worldwide, including nearly all U.S. lottery jurisdictions.

Scientific Games has been Georgia Lottery’s primary instant game provider since the lottery’s inception in 1993.

Last year, Georgia Lottery instant games had a record-breaking $2.6 billion in sales and $927 million going to education programs that include the HOPE Scholarship and pre-kindergarten.

“That is a significant contribution to these two programs,” said Alford. “Since its inception, 1.6 million students have benefitted from HOPE and over 1.4 million 4-year-olds have attended lottery funded pre-K.”

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