School curriculum includes ‘softer’ skills



CUMMING, Ga. — Social skills aren’t something most would think of as being taught in a classroom. But students at Piney Grove Middle School, among others, will see interpersonal skills added to a study habits course.

Piney Grove piloted Julie Wilson’s iStudyforSuccess, a study skills program, in 2012. Now, the curriculum includes a soft and social skills program, which includes subjects such as active listening, self-confidence and leadership.

“Things that we used to talk about with our parents at the dinner table,” Wilson said. “We’re afraid now that a lot of that has been lost.”

Joey Robinson has started using the soft and social skills curriculum in his study skills class since school began Aug. 11.

“The soft skills are an excellent resource,” Robinson said. “As I discuss study habits with my students, many different issues in their lives come up that may require me to switch gears.”

Wilson had started two quiz creation websites, Qwizzly’s World and Cram Stoppers, before launching iStudy.

“It dawned on me that if they didn’t know how to work with the material and study it, how would they be able to make the quiz?” she said.

Now, quiz creation is also part of the iStudy resources.

Wilson also offers the material as supplements to existing classes or counseling programs. As she expands the program, out-of-state schools have shown interest in iStudy. The resource is in 14 schools in five states.

“We are offering our students long-term educational and personal successes,” Wilson said.

The per-teacher license costs $195, and includes 25 study technique and 28 soft skill sessions.

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