Sawnee members to take a ‘look back’ in time



CUMMING, Ga. — Sawnee Electric Membership Corporation recently launched a new addition to their website at

This addition features an online tool that allows members to take a “look back” in time. The website features a “sliding bar” that will allow viewers to see a present day map image of Sawnee EMC’s territory and then slide a scroll bar back to an aerial image of the same area from 1966.

By sliding this bar, the viewer can see the growth and development of the area take place before their very eyes.

The viewer can enter an address of a location and view an aerial image of how the location looked in 1966 and how it progressively grew through the years.

Sawnee EMC staff transferred map images from hard-copy originals that do not contain any geographic information to identify where it belongs on the surface of the Earth.

The staff utilized highly advanced GIS analysis tools to blend the past and present images together.

“Once this was completed, we created a Web mapping application so that the user could search for a modern address and view the location as it looked back in the 1960s,” said Corban Davies, programmer at Sawnee EMC.

By pulling a slider across the screen, the user can reveal what the same location looks like now.

Anyone that would like to take advantage of this tool can view the application at Sawnee’s website at

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