Sawnee launches online alert system

Proposed program will alert customers on energy usage



FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. – Sawnee Electric Membership Corp. announced a potential solution to higher energy usage. The company launched a Web-based program called “Proactive Energy Alert.” The main goal of this program is to notify customers who have exceeded their normal energy consumption.

“We have members call us every day about their bill, and most of them tell us that they simply did not realize how much energy they were using until it was too late,” said Blake House, vice president of member services.

“Proactive Energy Alert” operates by contacting a customer whose usage of energy significantly exceeds their normal daily usage. The notification process is fast; it usually takes 24 hours for a customer to know if they have exceeded their typical usage. The usage threshold will be determined from the customer’s preference and can range from double their normal usage to 10 times the amount.

The alerts are done electronically by email or by Sawnee mobile applications.

The program is voluntary. To enroll or for more information, visit

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